8 Wheeler Tipper Wagons Haulage of Materials One of the main lines of work we do at Brocklebank & Co Demolition Ltd. is the haulage and disposal of material. Ranging from the likes of inert waste, to non-hazardous and even hazardous waste, all subject to SI reports. We have a wide range of tipping facilities that we work closely with to find the most suitable home for the material and offer a competitive quote.

With our fleet of 8-wheeler tippers, we are able move thousands of tonnes a day, and subject to availability, can assign as many wagons to a job as you require in order to complete the task at hand. We have worked closely with many housing developments to clear land, as well as waste water treatment works and other large sites. Do not hesitate to enquire about removal of construction or demolition waste from your site.

Not only do we haul and dispose of waste, but we are also able to haul material to and from sites should you require material taking from one location to another. We can either offer a per load price, or a daywork rate, whichever suits the customer better. If you require this service, let us know and we can determine how many loads would be achievable.

Also, if you require material delivering to a site we are removing material from, we can arrange this and price accordingly. Let us know what it is that you require and we can work the route of the wagons in to provide the best service possible and ensure that both removal and delivery are completed to your requirements.

For any enquiries on haulage and disposal of material, contact our main office on 0114 244 1584 or send us an email on brocklebank@ymail.com with your requirements and any reports you have on the material and we will aim to get a response and quote back to you within 24 hours.